The Artist Summit

The Tanzplattform 2018 was an important structure for annually convening the German dance community, bringing artists in the field of contemporary dance together with programmers, curators, teachers, politicians and our audience. The Artist Summit recognised the unexplored potential of this framework as an “organism” in symbiosis to the Tanzplattform. The summit was hosted by the artist group HOOD and curated by choreographer and HOOD member Fabrice Mazliah and extended the operation of the Tanzplattform to 30 critical makers in the field of contemporary dance.
The main objective of the Summit was to propose and pronounce the role of artistic practices in city and civil society through an understanding of the methods and working conditions artists now face. The second was to provide a space, critical and playful, in which to explore and challenge notions of conventional practices the performing arts field is steeped. Thirdly it was to promote self-organisation among the individuals present, and to allow for unexpected outcomes to enrich the Tanzplattform.

Dance Platform in Germany 10th -18th of March 2018, PACT Zollverein, Essen
Commissioned by PACT Zollverein and Stefan Hilterhaus
Curated by Fabrice Mazliah
Hosted by HOOD

The Artist Summit was joined by

Douglas Bateman • Fanti Baum • Christina Ciupke • Kattrin Deufert • Michele Di Stefano • Abdul Dube • Robyn Doty • Moriah Evans • Moritz Frischkorn • Thilo Garus • Simon Hartmann • Paula Kommoss • Clément Layes • Lea Letzel • Fang Yun Lo • Barbara Lubich • Sheena McGrandles • Eva Meyer-Keller • Daniel Ernesto Müller • Elpida Orfanidou • Nobert Pape • Antje Pfundtner • Thomas Plischke • Peter Reischl • Ben J. Riepe • Luísa Saraiva • Claire Vivianne Sobottke • Melanie Suchy • Anna Till • Frank Willems • Jonas Woltemate •


Cyril Baldy
Katja Cheraneva
Frances Chiaverini
Fabrice Mazliah
Roberta Mosca
Tilman O’Donnell
Liz Waterhouse

Concept development and organisation

André Schallenberg
Sophie Osburg
Fabrice Mazliah

Project management

Jonas Leifert

Project assistant

Matthias Düking

PACT Zollverein