HOOD is a group of interdisciplinary artists who share a strong background in dance and the performing arts. Comprised of former members of the Forsythe Company, HOOD fosters new generative practices in art-making, knowledge production, socio-economic modeling, and political action. The artists of HOOD consider how contemporary art and performance can be utilized to forge meaningful reconsiderations of normative positions in the world.

The HOOD model is born of a need for a cohesive artistic community situated between the splintered economy of freelance work and the fixed institutional model of an ensemble. Since mid 2016 until 2019, HOOD have been working extensively at PACT on examining and rethinking the possibilities of cooperative practises. PACT and HOOD have been engaged in mutual consultation and dialogue, both as hosts and guests within each other’s structures.


HOOD members

Cyril Baldy

Katja Cheraneva

Francis Chiaverini

Roberta Mosca

Tilman O'Donnell

Elizabeth Waterhouse

HOOD collaborators

Further Collaborators

Fabrice Mazliah regularly collaborate with series of wonderful artists and long term allies.