from image to feeling
from idea to sensation
from rhythm to quality
from intellect to intuition.

to observe while feeling
to be moved while touching
to wander while wondering
to follow the way while pausing.

Just as the essence of poetry cannot be explained, one cannot always find a mental logic to reason the being of movement. And still, movement exists. Movement can guide, intrigue or touch us. PAUSING floats in the space between dance and movement, shifting between imaginative scenarios and glimpses of reality. The duet Mandafounis / Zarhy creates a personal account of intimacy, inviting us to touch the ephemeral for just a slight moment and to PAUSE there.

Conceived, staged & performed by:
Ioannis Mandafounis & May Zarhy
Artistic assistance: Elpida Orfanidou
Light: Jean-Michel Broillet

Production of: Association Cie Projet 11

Supported by:
KAT, la Ville de Genève, la République et Canton de Genève, la Fondation Nestlé pour l’Art, Hellerau - European Center for the Arts Dresden, la Fondation Ernst Göhner, les Fonds Mécénat SIG, Modul-Dance in the framework of the Culture Program of the European Union.

Accueil studio: Cie Neopost Ahrrrt, studio 44/Cie Gilles Jobin

Cooperation with:
Théâtre de l’Usine Genève, Theaterhaus Gessnerallee Zürich, Dampfzentrale Bern, Kaserne Basel, Südpol Luzern, Théâtre Sevelin 36 Lausanne, in the frame of the fonds des programmateurs / Reso-Réseau Danse Suisse, and the support of Pro Helvetia.