“My body knows unheard-of songs…” (Hélène Cixous)

‘untitled’ is a continuation of May Zarhy’s exploration into the interweaving of body and sound. Through a (loose) tribute to Dan Flavin’s body of work, the work places itself in-between choreography and the visual arts. Together with musician Elad Bardes Zarhy creates a resonating space of image and sound, where the image immerses, diverts, and at times clashes with the soundscape.
‘untitled’ cuts through language and dives into the flesh, operating in the field of the senses, aiming to reverberate in that which we all have: a body. Based on a series of recordings of own physical bodily activities that are sampled and recomposed in real-time, the artists compose a disorienting, fantastic and at times uncanny environment.
Through an aesthetic proposition, that is as much a performance, as a live sculpture or a transforming 3D painting, a physical experience takes place, triggering the spectator’s senses and demanding his*her full presence and sensitivity to be an imminent part of this rite.

Conceived, composed and performed by: May Zarhy
Music by: Elad Bardes
Space and light objects: Boaz Beja Gilad
External eye: Sigal Bergman
Intern: Rotem Grinberg

HaZira Performance Art Arena

Supported by:

Mifal Hapais
Center for Contemporary Art Tel Aviv
Diver Festival
With thanks to RE-SEARCH Professional training program.

Thanks to Nitzan Cohen and Sergio Edelzstein.