Kol Yom | Daydreaming

The difference between day and night, between weekday and weekend (Shabbat) or holidays, is strongly felt in Levinsky area in Tel Aviv. When the market closes down, the streets empty out and the noise and colorfulness fade away. The piece takes place in the twilight zone between happening and non-happening, it takes form in the gap between day and night time, between the real and the fictional. While strolling and being guided in the neighbourhood, the participants listen to the soundscapes of the present, transforming and becoming everything that closed shutters can hide: from apocalyptic future visions to fantastic daydreams. Kol Yom or Daydreaming in english, incorporates human presence in the urban landscape and sound as an element that has the potential to revive, mislead and construct an alternative reality.

The piece is designed for a group of 20 participants, and is being performed several times a day.

Conceived, composed and performed by: May Zarhy & Elad Bardes
Original music by: Elad Bardes
Clothes: ATA

Commissioned and supported by:

Loving Art Making Art Festival, Tel Aviv