Michal Oppenheim – Singer, Composer, Performer

Michal Oppenheim works within a wide artistic range that includes performance art, concerts of original materials, sound installations and compositions for dance and theatre. Her works have been exhibited in various festivals and theatres, such as: “ Harcortex” Khan Theatre, Jerusalem (2006)”Ladies section” Intimadance Festival (2008) ”Hush little piano” Haifa Art Gallery (2008) “infepedence garden day” for Loving Art - Making Art (2012)”playlist” Musrara Mix (2014), and more. She is one of the founders of Givol Choir – an experimental vocal ensemble that performs 20th century masters repertoire alongside original pieces that are written especially for the choir. In 2014 she released her debut solo album – ‘Michal Paulina Playlist’, which was played on the radio and toured extensively for two years, receiving media and press critical acclaim.

‘Eres - Lullabies For Adults’, performed at Tectonics Festival (2015), and at the The Center for Contemporary Art (2016), Israel Festival (2017) Is her second solo album and will be released next spring.

Michal collaborated with Noam Enbar and Yonatan Levy on their music-theatre performances - The General and the Sea (Hazira – Performance Art Arena, 2014), The Pit and the Base (Jerusalem Season of Culture, 2015), GHOM! A Gibberish Kantata (Tectonics Festival, 2015, Tel aviv museum of art 2017). Together with May Zarhy she co-created the piece Yes (Diver Festival, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 2015).

Michal is a faculty member of Tel Aviv University Faculty of the Arts, teaching voice practice for actors. She has over ten year of experience in voice instruction for singers, as well as theatre and dance groups, to name a few: Ruth kanner theatre company, Yasmeen Godder Dance company, Hillel kogen, Hazira - Performance Art productions, and more. Michal is also one of the organizers of the national convention Uncovering the Voice (Valborg Werbeck-Svärdström voice method).

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