six potentialities

Si vous pouviez converser avec un performer pendant l'acte, que pourrait-il/elle vous raconter de ce qu’ils/elles font et de ce qui leur est fait?

“six potentialities"

creation of P.A.R.T.S

If you could converse with a performer in the act, what might they tell you about what they are doing and what is being done to them? “six potentialités” is a performative testimony producing real and imagined movement. The departure point is the consideration of a dancer’s embodied knowledge: How can ideas that were previously implicit, and unspoken between dancers, become expressed in language and exchanged between bodies? How can the understanding acquired by a community of performers be revealed to a public and simultaneously evolve towards something new? Thinking beyond knowledge as facts, categories, and measures, the dancers seek expression of their know-how in a new and communal form. They explore many strategies: precisely combining movement with language, expanding details into complex explanations, being poetic.

This experience of the complete incompleteness of engaging in performance ideally helps to underscore that knowledge is a process— like poetry, it involves the not-yet-knowing of creative thoughts and acts.

This proposition is part of a collection of works created around the piece “In Act and Thought”, created in June 2015 for and with The Forsythe Company.

Created and conceived by Fabrice Mazliah in collaboration with the performers and third year students of P.A.R.T.S, Eleni Ellada DAMIANOU, Fannie FALK, Theodore LIVESEY, Karolina LOIMAALA, Akiyoshi NITA, Emeric RABOT