In Sheela Na Gig, commissioned by the Lyon Opera Ballet, Fabrice Mazliah draws on a live corpus of popular and labor songs written by women.The work explores what lies behind the fact of being a female performer on stage, thwarting the stereotypes usually attributed to their gender. If the songs are used as material, it is primarily for the possibility they offer to gather and federate. The dancers strive to form a common body, with emancipatory energy, in a dance nourished by the notions of sharing and of solidarity, forming an inseparable whole. Modalities such as seeing and being seen, showing and being shown, touching and being touched, establish the foundations of this work.
A body language morphing constantly through a multitude of sensations, wishes and desires, confronting what might be imposed. Like an assemblage of possibility, hope, rebellion giving shape to an entity that can act freely, uninhibited from external judgment. How to dismantle the tools by which our bodies have been locked up and collectively reclaim our ability to govern them.

Cast Sheela Na Gig
Choreography: Fabrice Mazliah, en collaboration avec les interprètes
Concept, Costumes and Sets: Fabrice Mazliah
Vocal Work and Outside Eye: Dalila Khatir
Lighting: Mathias Rieker
Composition and Sound Effects: kling klang klong / Johannes Helberger and Maurice Mersinger