Manufactured Series

Fabrice Mazliah’s durational project “Manufactured Series” is composed of ten concentrated duets with one human and one non-human body each. The duets concentrate particularly on the non-human bodies, their hand-made quality and thus their close links to the human hand.


Concept: Fabrice Mazliah
Choreography: Fabrice Mazliah in collaboration with the performers
Research and Dramaturgy: Marialena Marouda
Production Management: Johanna Milz & Jeanne Charlotte Vogt
Duet #1: a disembodied voice

performed by: Katja Cheraneva & Thomas Wooden Radio

In the first duet, dancer Katja Cheraneva joins up with a wooden Cathedral Radio built in the 1980’s. As both bodies converge, their features become visible – surfaces textures such as skin or wood, the sound waves produced by one and received by the other. Ear and antenna come into contact, a conversation ensues, while intimacies become movements.

Performance: Katja Cheraneva & Thomas Wooden Radio

Premiere: 17th-18th December 2018 Künstlerhaus Mousonturm


A creation for the students of La Manufacture in Lausanne

“Manufactured” is a study on the art of making things, and the art of things making (in return). To make things is not, after all, simply giving form to formless matter. Materials themselves move, guiding the human body and its actions. Things invite the gestures of the hand that gives them form. Making is much more a dance between the human body and the materials of the world, a following and being followed, a shaping and being shaped. Things come into being in the process of this dance.

Fabrice Mazliah in his new creation for the students of La Manufacture zooms into this dance. He asks each student to choose an artifact and study it thoroughly, to listen to the things and the materials that make them up. This act of listening to the language of things, discovering their history, their way of being in the world, becomes a motor for the initiation of movement and choreography. If dance is not only a priviledge of the human body, can it instigate a process of transformation into the things that surround us?

A creation for the students of La Manufacture in Lausanne Switzerland

Premiere: April 16 2018 - Gessnerallee Zurich for STEPS Festival and Take Off! The Swiss Bachelors of Dance

Conceived and staged by: Fabrice Mazliah in collaboration with the performer
Performed by: Marius Barthaux, Simon Crettol, Karine Dabouindji, Ursula Graber, Anaïs Kauer, Melissa Kieffer, Clémentine Le Bas, Nicolas Mayorga, Simon Ramseier, Hervé Scherwey, Camilla Stanga
Dramaturgical assistant: Marialena Marouda
Rehearsal Assistant: Simon Wherli
Music: Johannes Hellberger | KLING KLANG KLONG
Lights: Robin Dupuis