HUE is a collaboration between seven individuals, investigating the notion of incompleteness and absence, in front of them. Movement not produced but movement through presence, there, between people, between bodies, seek to be seen/framed. Idea of distance and draft. A sketch being at the same time itself and the object that it represents. It (the sketch) is the identity of itself and its overtaking. Its deletion! Face up space (emptiness), knowing where you are held, pointing out that which you have in front , who you have outdistanced and what outdistanced you, as a mirror as a window. I see a goal. I reach it. I see another (one) from it.

Conceived, staged & performed by: Cyril baldy, Francesca Caroti, Ioannis Mandafounis, Fabrice Mazliah, Nicole Peisl, Yasutake Schimaji, Ander Zabala

Costume by: Dorothee Merg
Sound by: Dietrich Krugger

Production of:
The Forsythe Company, Frankfurt