Conceived in the form of moving choir constructed around the poem by Birago Diop
THE BREATH OF THE ANCESTORS, this spontaneous performance invites the audience to follow as the performers rhythm their physicalities and voices in a play of incantations. In a world where the realm of things is under minded and the one that are gone truly absent this work attempts to offers a soul to things and a presence to souls or at least a space for cohabitation.

Premiere: 25 May 2023, Museum Albertinum, Dresden

Cast Diop Concept: Fabrice Mazliah
Choreography: Fabrice Mazliah in collaboration with the performers
Performance: Cindy Hammer, Max Levy, Anna Till, Fabrice Mazliah
Sound: Nikolaus Woernle
Text: The Breath of the Ancestors by Birago Diop
Costume: DWSI

Produced by Nouvelles Aventures
Comissioned work by (RE)FRAME
(RE)FRAME: curation and concept by Carolin Brandl in cooperation with Albertinum Dresden, 2023
Funded by: NPN - Stepping Out / BKM
Photos: Silke Biehl
Image-rights: Carolin Brandl / (RE)FRAME